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Dean Armstrong QC

Top-Rated Criminal Defence Barrister

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Dean is widely regarded as a Top-Rated GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Brexit Compliance Barrister and QC, and is one of the very few UK legal experts in this developing field of corporate Cyber Law.  He is also co-author of the definitive text book in this area:
Cyber SecUrrity - Law and Practice.  



Top Rated GDPR and BREXIT Data Protection Regulation Compliance Barrister | Dean Armstrong QC

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
& Brexit Compliance Barrister

Dean is a foremost expert in the relationship between the single most important development in European Data Law: Namely the relationship between EU GDPR and the UK's decision to leave the EU, which means the UK will need to replace the EU GDPR with its own Data Protection Regulations which will need to complied with.

As the fact of Brexit means that the UK will have to create its own data use legislation, companies and organisations whose activities span both the EU and post-Brexit UK, will have to be compliant with both sets of legislation.

Due to Dean's financial background of advising City Institutions and other top level corporates, he is uniquely placed to evaluate the effects of Brexit on data management regulation in general, and the particular demands of impending Brexit.

Dean’s bespoke advice is thus invaluable in positioning companies and organisations who wish to be ahead of the curve, both in Data Protection preparation and in implementation.

As a distinguished General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) QC, he can offer the practical, focused advice that will support full compliance without sacrificing commercial advantage.

Additionally, Dean is often invited to give lectures and presentations on Data Protection, Data Management and GDPR and its relationship to Brexit - by multinationals, trade associations and government bodies.




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